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Recommended Pairings

Cheese and Preserves

Chutneys, fruit jams, preserves, and pastes all add a burst of bright, fruity sweetness to your cheeseboard. They can also help balance the savory and often earthy flavors of cheese. 

Recommended Preserve and Cheese Pairings 

  • Mango chutney and aged gouda

  • Tomato jam and aged cheddar

  • Fig jam and blue cheese

  • Apple butter and havarti

  • Raspberry preserves and mascarpone

  • Sour cherry jam and blue cheese

Cheeseboard Pairings, Right in Your Pantry

There are few worldly pleasures that spark joy like a cheeseboard overflowing with Wisconsin cheese and your favorite accouterments. Before you start daydreaming about cheeseboards, take stock of your pantry. We’d wager you already have some key ingredients on-hand and what you don’t have can be easily found at any grocery store. Some of these suggestions go well with cheeses; others are just plain delicious additions. As always, we invite you to experiment and create your own unique combinations - the world of cheese is yours to explore.

Cheese and Crackers

The humble cracker is more than just a vessel to carry cheese to your mouth (although they’re also ideal for that). Crackers make great palate cleansers while also adding a satisfying crunch to balance out the smooth creaminess of most cheeses. Best of all? They can stay fresh for ages so when you have a cheese craving, they’ll be in your pantry ready to go. That’s why we believe crackers are a must-have for any cheeseboard. No specific pairings here, we’ve never met a cheese and cracker combo we didn’t like. 

Recommended Crackers 

  • Water crackers

  • Thin bread-sticks

  • Wheat crackers

  • Multigrain crackers

Cheese and Dried Fruits

Daydreaming of dried pineapple and GranQueso cheese? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. Dried fruits like pineapple add sweet-tangy flavors that get along swimmingly with young and aged cheeses alike. The flavors aren’t the only good thing here, dried fruit also adds beautiful pops of color to your cheeseboard. 

Recommended Dried Fruit and Cheese Pairings

  • Dried apricots and aged gouda

  • Dried pineapple and GranQueso

  • Dried cherries and young gouda

  • Dates and ricotta

  • Raisins and aged cheddar

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